The Barunii woman is not one who lends herself to society’s stereotypes.She knows her mind. She decides when she wants to conform and when to stand her ground. She has a core of immeasurable strength that manifests itself in many different ways.

Our Purpose

Our mission is to introduce the Barunii woman to a sophisticated, ever-evolving world of beauty. We aim to empower her with the ability to make informed beauty choices, supported by unbiased expert advice and a carefully curated range of beauty solutions to cater to her unique needs.

Our Belief

Barunii stands for a strong, new narrative in beauty, one that exalts all expressions of individualism. We believe there is no single template for beauty. Each woman is uniquely beautiful and we would like to partner in her journey to find and enhance it.

Our Difference

We make beauty effortless. We offer you the luxury of choices between what is good for you and what’s good for you.We want you to experience the joy of discovering beautiful products that seem to be crafted keeping you in mind. We firmly keep out the chaos of the marketplace and boudoir, crowded with bottles and tubes and jars.

'Beauty' To Us

Beauty comes from being on a first name basis with ourselves. It lies in self-discovery. It can be found in the joys of a lazy, herb-soaked bath and long-stemmed wine glasses. In sensual beauty regimes, well-loved skin, hair and bodies. In belly laughs and nostalgia. In tickling or travelling or tucking in – experiences that open our eyes to wonder.

Anti Aging


We are removing the term ‘Anti-Aging’ from our navigation filter. This decision will also apply to all our future communication.

You shall be able to find products for any beauty need by identifying your age group on the specific product page. We acknowledge that as we grow into age, our skin needs superior support. Our system has been re-calibrated to bring up age-appropriate products for any beauty search.

Why it had to be done?

Anti-aging, the hyphenated compound is a powerful term in the beauty lexicon. We believe by using it we are inadvertently promoting a negative idea of beauty for women of world and wisdom. Literally speaking, anti-aging equals being against the process of aging. We are not.

While it was never the intention when the term was coined. It was to rather simply demarcate the high-performance skincare, makeup products designed keeping in mind the needs of a mature woman.

The term Anti-aging is not relevant for the modern-day woman. It paints a negative self-image. Prevents women from enjoying their evolution into a woman of many achievements. It denies young girls the aspiration of growing into a woman of fine lines, beauty, and wisdom; a beautiful monarch.

Be your own beautiful

Kiran Singh
Founder & CEO
Dated: 23rd July 2020

Kiran Singh
Founder & CEO

"Beauty is not confined to any single narrative.

Kiran has over 18 years of experience in brand marketing and general management with leading beauty and lifestyle brands. Always passionate about beauty, on completing her business management degree in 1998, Kiran went on to work with famous beauty and lifestyle brands such as L’Oréal, Kaya Skin Care and Shoppers’ Stop. After 18 years of corporate life, she decided to get off this journey and launch her own beauty online store with Barunii and endow it with values that also mirror her own.

Barunii is her brainchild that brings the transformational power of beauty closer to the modern, thinking woman.

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