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Gabriella Chieffo Ragù 100ml

Symbol of Neapolitan cooking, a sauce that takes at least eight hours to cook well, eight hours of patience of woman, eight hours of love transferred to food.

RAGù (Pronounced: raa-goo) is inspired by the Neapolitan (pronounced: nee-aa-poly-tin) origins of Gabriella Chieffo. It captures the love, patience and warmth behind the cooking of almost 8 hours of an authentic sauce. It is a perfume capable to remember the typical Sunday sauce through a breath that eschews (abstains from) the faithful reproduction of odours and that participation can be raised in another dimension, in which converge all the energy, the experience, that mix together as an added ingredient in the recipe of the sauce. It is the enveloping scent of the family, a fragrance unusual and atypical that releases a spicy airy, aromatic scent, but that embraces and protects with the presence of Vanilla.


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