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Colored Hair Care Routine

I colored my hair close to 2 months ago to add an element of freshness to my look. Despite having believed hair color would compliment my overall personality; the usual scare of possible “side-effects” of adding color delayed my decision.

I found my excited self at the salon on a Sunday morning, all set to bring in the New Year with new hair. Thanks to my Indian genes, my thick black hair could get frizzy at times & scalp, oily.  Balayage has been on my mind for some time, so I went headlong for it with a global color. However, I also was aware of having to make my routine a little more caring to counter

balayage the possible side-effects of chemical intervention.

P.S. - The only issue I had after my hair color was an increase in hair frizz. My post-coloration hair care products have made my hair look & feel better than before!

Step 1 - Shampoo

After coloring my hair, I noticed a marginal increase in hair frizz with my shampoo and conditioner that I had always been using, which made me want to rethink my haircare routine in general.

L'Oréal Vitamino Colour Shampoo L'Oréal Vitamino Colour Shampoo

I started with switching my everyday shampoo to the L'Oréal Vitamino Color Shampoo. The shampoo claimed to work for chemically color-treated hair. Within 3 washes, I felt that it tamed the frizziness and also did a decent job of cleansing the scalp from the residues of my urban lifestyle.




Step 2 - Conditioner/Mask

L’Oréal Professional Inoa Care Masque L’Oréal Professional Inoa Care Masque

I remember my hair stylist saying - "deep conditioning is what will improve your hair quality". Having wanting to maintain the salon-style look for long, I invested in the L'Oréal - Inoa Care Masque to treat my hair once every week. This was a magical addition. I find it hard to put to words how well this masque has worked for me. After the first wash itself, I noticed a tremendous increase in shine, texture, and manageability. My hair looked luscious. I always felt the need to tame the frizz using a hairdryer, but the addition of this product makes me confident enough to walk into a party even without a blow-dry.

Step 3 - Serum

L’Oréal Professional Liss Control Plus L’Oréal Professional Liss Control Plus

The next step is the hair serum. I am continuing with the serum I have been using for a year and a half i.e. L'Oréal Liss Control Plus. It does a fine job of making sure there is an added layer of protection to my strands after a shower. I do experience an added shine on the areas of lighter tones on my mane.





Step 4 - Hair Balm

L'Oréal Professionnel - Nutrifier DD Balm L'Oréal Professionnel - Nutrifier DD Balm

While the above took good care of my hair texture and feel, I still wished for some personality addition to my newly colored hair. I started using the L'Oréal DD Balm. I take a coin-sized amount (for waist-length hair) and scrunch my hair using the product after a shower on damp (not wet) hair.

It gives me a manageable, beachy-wave look which just defines my already existing waves. It adds shine to my two-toned hair. After a day or two the waves mostly tame to a more straight look, but a very luscious, healthy one. This balm certainly lends moisture to the hair, which gives it a well-cared-for appearance. It added a happy bounce to my long hair.

P.S. - The image alongside will give you an idea of how your hair may look after using the balm. My hair in this picture is 2 hours after a hair wash, without any styling/heat tools used.


Like I said earlier, I do not suffer from hair fall or any other hair concern. However, I do have one biotin multivitamin every day to maintain my hair health.

You can try all the above products in case you have colored hair and are looking at an amp-up in quality and texture. As for supplements, please do ensure to visit your dermatologist for a recommendation on the one which would work best for you.

P.S. - All the above products have been used & purchased personally by the writer. This is not a sponsored information piece.


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