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Under Eye Care

For Device Addicts

Under eye care for device addicts insertsDevices like laptops, smartphones & monitors have become an integral part of our modern lives with most of us clocking long screen times on a daily basis. Most of us know that blue light from devices leads to eye strain, headaches and eye damage, but blue light might be the reason that your skin is not looking its best these days.



Let’s get a bit more acquainted with Blue Light….

Before we dive into our discussion on blue light, lets get an idea about visible spectrum of light.

Sunlight consists of multiple wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation namely, UltraViolet (UV) rays, Visible Light and Infra Red rays. Out of these, human eye perceives only the visible spectrum of light which further consists of colors i.e. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red colored light. 

As a rule, the shorter the wavelength of a particular ray/light, greater is the energy packed in it. Blue light has a very short wavelength, and so produces a higher amount of energy. Thus, making sun light a major source of blue light.

Under eye care for device addicts insert 1Apart from sun, we are heavily exposed to blue light from our devices and LED lights as they emit large amount of blue light and this exposure becomes even more concentrated due to proximity of the emitting source.

Clinical studies are now pouring in about blue light causing early and accelerated aging, resulting in wrinkles, pigmentation and sagging skin.

A study in Journal of Biomedical Physics & Engineering mentions that Blue light might trigger production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), popularly known as free radicals in skin, initiating a cascade of inflammatory processes and collagen breakdown, causing cellular damage and more melanin deposition. This translates clinically into more wrinkles, stubborn pigmentation and poor skin elasticity.

With deeper penetrating capacity of blue light than UV-A and UV-B light, the skin damage with blue light from devices is even more than the harm done by the routine sunlight exposure.

Under eye care for device addicts insert 2It’s not that blue light is all bad; we all need some amount of exposure on a daily basis, as blue light is an important regulatory factor in our circadian rhythm (Day- Night balance of our body’s metabolic and hormonal systems). Blue light from sunlight is somehow beneficial during daylight hours because it boosts attention and mood but night time exposure is disruptive for our circadian balance as it tricks our body systems that its still daytime and decreases our body’s (and skin’s) capability to switch on the repair processes normally happening at night.

So Why are we bothered more about the Under eye skin??

Under eye care for device addicts insert 3Blue light causes photo aging i.e. wrinkles, sagging & dark spots of entire facial skin. However, the effects are even more prominent on under eye skin owing to the fact that skin around eyes is five times thinner than rest of facial skin.
We know it well that dark circles result from melanin deposition in epidermis or dermis and blood pooling secondary to poor collagen support in skin around eyes contributes further to the process.
Blue light induces melanin production as well as breaks down collagen support, making the dark circles worse or even causing them sometimes.

My life revolves around my gadgets? How to deal with these new insights and care better for the under eye skin?

You would need a two pronged approach of lifestyle modification as well as better skincare to deal with blue light damage.

Lifestyle Hacks For Downsizing Blue Light Exposure

Under eye care for device addicts insert 4

  • Try using a computer in place of smartphone for work, if possible. Phones emit higher amounts and are closer to skin so cause more damage.
  • Minimize exposure to devices and screens after sunset.
  • Turn away from devices at least an hour before your sleep time.
  • Use gadgets in night mode if possible as the blue light emission is considerably reduced in night mode.
  • Try going hands free with your phone as the blue light from cellphones can cause pigmentation of skin along sides of face.
  • Increase the proportion of antioxidant rich foods in diet, mainly bright colored fruits and vegetables (Rainbow diet), nuts, pulses and dry fruits, to counter the oxidative damage to skin.


Skincare Hacks For Downsizing Blue Light Exposure

  • Add anti aging products with active molecules like Retinol, Retinaldehyde, Peptides, Vitamin C and Glycolic acid to your existing under eye skincare regimen to help decrease pigmentation and increase collagen production.
  • Look for added antioxidants in your skincare e.g. Red algae extract, cocoa extracts, green tea, ferulic acid and Vitamin E, to help with the oxidative stress caused by blue light.
  • Mineral sunscreens and makeup containing iron oxide are also worth trying as they can help with skin repair.
  • Never skip sunscreen. Yes, you need them indoors too. 

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As with most of things in life the trick here is to strike the right balance between your screen time and good skincare.


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