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Nude makeup or “no makeup, makeup”, heard-of a lot, but still finding yourself struggling to get it right? We hear you.

Makeup is meant to enhance your face using color. Yes, that’s it! No masking, no filtered aesthetic.

It is all about enhancing your natural beauty.  The ever-famous “no makeup, makeup” is not only the most flattering way of wearing your face but is also not as tough as you think! Read on to know how to get the look.

Get your base right!

Prepping your skin with a moisturising cream is key. It sets the base right for your foundation to glide on smoothly. Use the right foundation after hydrating your face well. Foundation, when not worn correctly does tend to add age to your skin. So, make sure you pick:

The right formula - that is not too matte or drying for your skin type

The right coverage – Sheer to medium coverage foundation is the best to create a base that looks like skin; full coverage is not needed every time (unless you are going to be on camera). BB creams are really your best bet if you do not have heavily pigmented skin.

Pro tip: Let the minor imperfections show.

The right shade – Too light? You’ll look grey. Too deep? You will look unnaturally tanned and uneven. Find a close shade match with right undertone. Try your foundation and walk around in natural light to see how it REALLY looks.

Shade matching tip: Shade match to your cheekbone and not your jaw. As Indians, the perimeter of your face is usually darker (due to pigmentation), hence testing the color on your jawline is not advised. Your cheekbone is usually the area with almost no redness or pigmentation. It is one of the high points of your face; hence ends up catching most light. Due to this, swatching the wrong shade would show up most easily. So pick the right shade by swatching on your cheekbone and thank us later. (Pro Tip – use our Shade Maestro to find your foundation shade with right undertone instantly) .


Concealer is used to correct the uneven areas on your skin, to make your face look even-toned. After a light foundation or BB cream, concealing only the areas that majorly need correction must be done. Cover only the particular spot that requires added coverage.

Using a concealer identical to your skin color, to cancel out pigmentation under the eyes and blur few imperfections around the cheek is good enough. 

For those with normal skin, a great moisturizer with some concealing is good enough. You may choose to skip foundation


Barunii recommends:

Pro tip – Use a powder to set. Avoid using a powder with color or coverage as it may make your face look or feel cakey.

Blush is your best friend

Always wondered where to apply your blush? The areas of your face that turn naturally flushed are a good indication. So, the next time you hit the gym, observe your face after the workout session. The areas that turn red naturally are the areas that you should be using blush on, to get a sun-kissed, natural look.

Light skinned? Use soft pinks

Medium toned? Use warm peach, earthy tones

Deep toned? Burgundy, Plum shades are your best bet

No, black is not the only eyeliner shade

Yes, really! Experiment with browns. Use a brown complementing your natural skin color. Wear a thin line of it close to your lash line. Smudge to create a soft, natural look. Voila, you’re set! Also, most Indians have dark brown eyes, so the brown eyeliner looks even better as it complements the brown eye shade perfectly.

Focus on the texture of your lips

Soft, hydrated and supple lips look a lot healthier and definitely more natural than a stark matte! Yes, we know everyone loves a strong liquid lip, but they may not be your best friend when you’re going for the “barely-there” makeup look. We also love a good tinted lip balm. It does the job perfectly.

Your brows can do a lot more than you think

eyebrowsSeriously, brows really shape your face. Drawing them in naturally, using short, hairline strokes to fill in the gaps gives them a soft, healthy look. It also lends a younger appearance to the face.

The thing with brows is, you can not go overboard. Stick to a brown/grey black that is 1 to 2 shades lighter than your natural hair color. Use the pigment sparingly. Do not overdraw.

Pro tip – Beginners should opt for a pencil, as it has a controllable and light pigment that helps create real hair-like strokes.

Avoid over-plucking your brows! Even while getting your eyebrows threaded at the salon, remove the excess hair at the bottom, do not shape the top part. Let the top grow out as it looks natural, full and fresh. The bushy eyebrows are totally on-trend.

Smelling good is a part of looking good

Gabriella Chieffo Lye Gabriella Chieffo Lye

A good fragrance is an instant confidence booster. It makes you feel like you are ready for the day. Well, if you’re taking the “barely-there” look to seriously, opt for a skin scent. A skin scent is one that blends with your pheromones to create a scent that is unique to you, without overpowering. It also serves as a great choice to wear during meetings. You don’t want to kill someone with an attack if they’re prone to nasal sensitivities. 


This look is decoded to put together a fresh face in under ten minutes. It can be easily achieved by a novice as well. Its versatility makes it wearable for work, date nights or even a shopping spree. 

Be your own beautiful!


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