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Sparkle All the Way this 

Festive Season


Shimmer has been one of the hottest beauty trend of 2018 and it certainly is "that time of the year"; it's time to shine. Runways and Fashion Weeks coruscated when Oscar De La Renta , Marc Jacobs , Giorgio Armani , Carolina Herrera  and many more featured shimmering makeup, while Prada  adorned bold eye makeup with Swarovski crystals. Giambattista Valli took it a step further and made a bold statement  by dusting models’ faces and necks entirely in holographic glitter. Closer home, right from our very own Bollywood divas to fashionistas, they have all been rocking glittering eyelids, bronzed skin and metallic lips.


So What Sets This Trend Apart?

  • Versatile

Adding a bit of shimmer is a very versatile addition to everyone’s beautification arsenal. It can take a look from decorous to diva with a few swipes of a brush, which makes it perfect for days when you have to go from your office party to painting the town red in the after-party.

  • Fast

This can also be a very quick and easy way to look put-together on the days you haven’t much time to lavish on your makeup. If your guests are almost here, it’ll only take a few minutes to put on the perfect foundation which works well for your skin tone, perk your eyes up with some mascara, and let your lips dazzle everyone with a shimmery lipstick like L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Metallic Addiction.

  • Trendy

It’s been setting runways on fire the world over. This trend is hot, fresh, and it’s here to stay!

  • Perks up your face

A few judicious dabs of shine will instantly make your face look brighter and healthier. Giving it an ethereal glow was never easier.

Here’s Why YOU Should Try It

If you’re wondering if the sparkling look is right for you. Given its versatility, it almost certainly is. The trick is to pick one or two features which you want to highlight and add a little shimmery glamour to draw attention to it.

Works for All Ages

Glowy makeup look by BaruniiYoung millennials tend to use this look more effectively than GenXers, simply because they are willing to take risks with it. Several GenX women are unwilling to even attempt it because they remember the loud, glittering colours of the 80's and Bollywood’s penchant for over-the-top makeup from that era. However, the colour palette for the current generation of shimmer and metallic is far more refined, so those fears are misplaced.

The fact is that a bit of shimmer lends your face a healthy glow at any age. Younger skin tends to respond beautifully with just a bit of shimmer to heighten the glow, while the same shimmer adds of clarity and vitality to weathered skin.

And Most Occasions

Not only is shimmer great for all ages, but it’s also  suitable for a wide range of occasions too. Blending shimmer to foundation or BB every day makes a woman look healthy and resplendent every single day. Similarly, wearing a champagne coloured shimmery eyeshadow to a party adds oomph without looking loud. In a sea of overly made-up faces, let your understated glowing grace do all the talking.

Shimmer Flatters Every Complexion

It is essential to figure out what colours work best with your own skin and features. Luckily, Indians look gorgeous with a bit of shimmer to accentuate our lovely warm skin tones and features. Both the skin tone and undertone are important to consider here. Our convenient Shade Maestro is the perfect starting point to ensure you are using the right foundation, and adding mixing a bit of shimmer into it will help you pull this look off gloriously!

Dusky ladies with a warm skin tone tend to look lovely in warm-toned metallics like copper, gold or wine. However, emerald green or amethyst would lend a pop of vibrant colour to the eyelid of a dusky lady with a cool undertone.

Olive skin tones look lovely with just a hint of shimmer to bring out a healthy glow, and it’s important not to let it dominate your face.

Light skinned ladies should tread cautiously when they’re dealing with vibrant hues to avoid looking over made-up.

Tips And Tricks For The Perfect Shimmer Look

This trend lends one the ability to highlight one's best features, making it highly customizable. For instance, if the festivities are a bit tiring, adding a bit of glimmer to your face withBeYu Healthy Glow Make Up Base  works well by brightening it. For a more subtle day look, you could blend it with a light foundation to perk your skin up with a healthy joyous glow. If you’ve used the Colorbar Diamond Shine Lip Gloss, it would go best with subtly smoky eyes. Similarly, the vibrantly coruscating BeYu Color Passion Duo Eyeshadow, Faces Stackable Sparkle Glitter or Colorbar Magical Double Duty Eyeliner and Eyeshadow would go best with nude or lightly tinted  lips.


A Word of Advice

There’s a fine line between ‘just right’ and ‘over the top’, and it takes a bit of a learning curve to figure out where your personal threshold lies. What may be glam on one may be overdone on another. If your face is the fine work of art, let makeup merely be the frame that enhances it without drawing attention to itself. A few deft strokes of shimmer go a long way in showing your individual loveliness off, so it’s essential to work with your own look, personality and strengths. Take some time to experiment with your shimmery makeup to figure out what works best for your face and style and you’re sure to create a magical look for yourself.

Carpe Diem! Have Fun, Experiment and Live It Up!

Every woman needs to have the makeup to pull off a nude look, a versatile fresh and radiant look or a formal makeup look with aplomb, and she needs to hone the ability to switch from one to the other deftly. Over the years, several makeup looks have come into vogue to help her in this endeavor. The latest one which is equally at home on the runway as it is at an intimate house party is the trendy shimmery look, which helps you pull off a put-together look which can take you from the boardroom to your new year countdown with just a few tweaks. It can look appropriate in a wide range of situations and suits almost anyone, so long as it is deployed to enhance and not overshadow your unique style. Done right, this can take your look to the next level this festive season and support you in your endeavor to be your own beautiful.


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