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While you probably swear by the working woman's anthem ''messy bun and getting stuff done'' to power through your day, it wouldn't hurt to experiment with your hairstyle every now and then.

Whenever an unexpected occasion pops up, we hardly get enough time to sift through all of our beauty paraphernalia to pull off a decent look. And a few simple tricks can really turn our look around from drab-to-fab, the most important one --  often being the most ignored one -- our hairstyle.

But first, get the basics right...

Our fast-paced lives leave us with little to no time to care for our hair, and also require us to look well put together every day. Nourishing TLC like a deep-conditioning routine on weekends can help you effortlessly rock gorgeous hair all through the week.

Deep Conditioning

Most French girls don’t wash their hair - gasp - more than once a week! It’s the ‘dirtiest’ trick to lock in your hair’s moisture and retain its natural volume. Remember to always step out of the shower with a leave-in conditioner (or a light, smoothing serum in case of fine hair) generously applied on your strands for healthy and lustrous locks.

Choosing a hairstyle according to your wash day

To really master the art of enviable hair styling, you should understand your hair's behavior on different days of the week and varying degrees of your scalp's natural oils.

beach waves

A boho hairdo, à la Beach Waves, is your best bet on the wash day. Just rub dollops of leave-in conditioner on your wet hair and tie your hair in a messy bun, releasing it when it's semi-dry and falls in loose strands which look fresh and breezy. Women with poker straight hair would need a curling rod, and that means skipping out on the skipping out on the heat-protectant spray before curling the hair is a strict no-no. Spray your roots and strands with texturizing or volumizing spray to finish the look, and then break up your curls with your fingers (never a brush!) to tousle your waves.

Half updo


Once some days have passed since your wash, you can experiment with a Half Updo, a style gaining immense popularity, to turn up the volume and add some character to your mane.

Avoid a flat crown that accompanies straight and fine hair by winding it around your hair-tie and backcombing it, which gives a messy dimension to your pony.

Wavy Half Updo



Wavy haired women can smoothen their hair from ear to ear using a light pomade and finish off by repeatedly wrapping a small section from the back around the gathered hair, adding that extra oomph to the updo.



Curly Half Updo


The on-the-go curly girl’s life-saver hack to a half updo is the Pineapple technique.  Pull your hair up and loosely secure it with a scrunchie. Next, bring all your hair forward and adjust the curls till you get the desired shape, leaving out some ringlets in the front for a romantic and flirty feel.





Your hair often decides to flip out and go rogue on you (read: frizzy flyaways, flat and lifeless hair on your crown or limp, untameable strands). Enter your knight-in-shining-armor: hair accessories!


Don't shy away from styling your tresses with cute li'l bows, printed hair scarfs or pretty hair bands, which steal away focus from these hair woes.



Wrapping and tucking your hair around a headband creates this uber-cute updo, a ridiculously simple way to style straight hair especially when it is otherwise looking a bit dull.







Women with natural curls could tie their hair in a bun with a floral scarf concealing the hair tie —et, voila! your bun is ready for a girls’ day out.




Nothing complements a good outfit better than a chic hairstyle worn with panache. So, love your hair’s texture and experiment with hairstyles that not only look fire but also don't need an army of professionals to get them right.



Be your own beautiful!

Originally published on March 8, 2019

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