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School Beauty


School was my worst beauty decade

When I was in school I wanted to be short. Tiny. Petite. Cutesy. All the adjectives I run way from as an adult. School can be the most wonderful time for some people, while for other it’s a phase they’d rather forget. I belong to the latter category.

A wise man once said that youth is wasted on the young and truer words have never been said. When we are young we fail to appreciate or accept ourselves. It’s always about other people - what will he think, why can't I have hair like hers, I wish I had green eyes. You want all the things that you cannot have and spend adolescence in a state of yearning.  


I grew tall early, so I always felt a bit conscious of my height. It gave me a poor posture that I spent years correcting. My mother told me that I looked beautiful, but I never believed her because I never got the same validation from my classmates. Eventually beauty is all about validation isn't it? Even as adults we seek it from our friends, spouses and followers on social media. So you can just imagine how it was for a tall, gangly teenager when she wasn’t appreciated.

I guess this happens more in big cities, because when my father got posted to a small town during my last couple of years I loved going to school. The girls were kinder, the boys were still worthless but nobody cared much about them. 


Thank god the cool kids did not want to be my friends because then I would have never developed my talent for painting. Thank god that stupid boy broke my heart because just imagining him as my husband today gives me chills down my spine.

In school, beauty is about uniformity. Have you seen that movie Mean Girls, in which all ‘The Plastics’ have long hair and are dressed in pink? Its an accurate representation of what is expected. Stand out for your height, weight, or attitude and you’ll face the brunt of collective teen angst.


As an adult it is wonderful to be different – it’s celebrated even. Today, I love my wavy hair, I love my body and my looks without being vain about it.  It’s the real gift of adulthood, understanding and appreciating our best features, and learning to love yourself.


Be your own beautiful!

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