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 Scent of

          a Woman

Mademoiselle Coco Chanel’s statement, A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future”, may appear a little extreme but in being dramatic, it does underscore the importance of fragrances in our lives.

How Fragrant Is Your Vanity

Perfumes have the magic to spin stories and weave an aura of romance around you. And every woman can do that if she wishes to. To begin with, start spending time with scents and exploring their nuances. Give it some time and slowly but surely before you know you will have mastered the art of wearing fragrances. 

Finally, last and the most significant one to make it to your fragrant repertoire should be a classic like Yves Saint Laurent Opium or Estée Lauder Beautiful. This should be a constant in your kitty for at least a couple of years and something that you reach out for traditional occasions like weddings, anniversaries and so on. It could also be a perfume that you wear on days to reassure yourself. These are timeless scents and can be worn anytime, anywhere. Just let your heart guide you when to reach out for your classic wear.

Signature Scent 

A signature scent is one that reflects your personality. The best way to choose this is by selecting the one that comes to your mind when you think of a classic fragrance. Signature ScentTry to remember the time-tested bestsellers and zone in on the one that you have some association with. If you really put your mind to it, it’s not too difficult to pick the one meant for you. Classics have been in circulation for decades and you would have encountered them somewhere or the other. If I were to use an allegory, you and your signature scent are like a witch and her magic wand – they find each other and have a common thread that binds them together, forever.

Finding Your Poison 

The way I’ve understood signature scents is with Dior Poison, which was my first encounter with the world of luxury. In the early 80's I grew up seeing my mother wear it. Cautiously she would open the apple-shaped falcon and with its crystal glass stopper dab the perfume behind her ears and on her wrists. Finding My Poison

The heady notes of tuberose, rose, coriander and vanilla would fill the room and this cloud of perfume trailed her wherever she went. Over the years several variants of Poison has been released but for my mother, sister and me the “original” Poison remains a constant in our wardrobe. It’s like a legacy – a very subtle inheritance of sorts.


Trust Your Nose

Trust Your NoseZeroing in on the classic is the first step towards building your fragrance list. Once you have done that, make a list of the notes in the fragrance and do some research. Make note of the perfumes that seem to share similar ingredients and then go out and try them in stores. It’s advisable to wear perfume for a few hours to decide whether it suits you or not. However, despite all that study and research, it’s absolutely fine to make an instinctive or even an impulsive buy. Just trust your senses.


Artisanal Perfume Is Here

While the popular perfume houses still rule the roost, over the last few years, artisanal brands have been slowly and surely carving out a niche market for themselves. Little fragrance boutiques are cropping up in up-market streets, promising you an exclusive choice of fragrances. While they have a fine bouquet of unique perfumes, some of them can even create a personalized juice for you.


Before I sign off, allow me to leave you with an anecdote to mull over. So what happens when you start dabbling with scents and soak them into your very being? It definitely sharpens your senses and you become more aware of yourself and surroundings. As for me, I get asked very interesting questions. At a recent event, someone asked me, “Do you think, spirits can communicate through scents?” I smiled and quoted Rumi, “Love bears the fragrance of musk. What choice does it have but to spread and be recognized?”

Find your scent. 

Be your Own Beautiful.

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