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The transition of dry summers to monsoons is a wonderful mood booster. Doesn’t the first shower instill a rush of positivity in us all? It sure does. However, the change in weather calls for a revised skincare routine too. The advent of monsoon is marked by increasing humidity in the air. It becomes important to reevaluate your everyday products. Here are some tips that may help you while devising a revised beauty regimen for the monsoons :

I) Switch from oil or cream based cleansers to micellar water

Micellar Water Micellar Water

With the increasing moisture in the air, you do not want to add more moisture on to your skin. Opt for micellar water for normal to dry skin or foam based cleansers for normal to oily skin.




II) Switch from oil-based moisturizers to gel based moisturizers

Moisturizing gel Moisturizing gel

Gel based moisturizers provide ample hydration to the skin, without giving it a greasy feeling. The gel nourishes the skin and balances its moisture levels without making it feel sticky during the humid months.



III) Keep a facial mist handy

Facial Mist Facial Mist

For those of you who are accustomed to using heavy moisturizers, opt for a hydrating facial mist and keep it handy to spritz throughout the day. It also helps hydrate the skin over makeup.




IV) Do not skip SPF

Sun Protection Sun Protection

Whilst the surroundings maybe cloudy, and you may feel like skipping your sunscreen is okay, it is not. UV rays penetrate through the clouds as well, making it important to wear sun protection. An SPF of 30 with UVA and UVB protection is must. You may use an SPF of 20 if you are indoors.



V) Do not skip a hair serum

Hair Serun Hair Serum

Monsoon also calls for increase in hair frizz. Indian women do suffer from frizzy hair and the monsoons do accelerate It a notch up. A serum hydrates the lengths of your hair, keeping it well moisturized for a healthy mane with tamed frizz.




While these tips will help you build a fine monsoon skincare regimen, do not skip of your hot mocha lattes while enjoying the weather these few months.

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