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Micellar Water - 

Why we love it!

It is not just our mind and body that gets exhausted at the end of a long day. Our skin too gets subjected to a lot (read: dirt, pollution, oil, stress) and in our daily hustle-bustle, we often tend to rush through the most important step of our skincare regime—cleansing! A plethora of options such as gel, oil, clay, foam, cream or even bar cleansers is at our command. And each with their own set of benefits, be it decongesting oily, clogged pores or soaking up on dollops of creamy goodness for moisture. Amongst them, micellar water is decidedly low-key and a minimalist's trusted choice. Here’s what you need to know about this gentle yet effective makeup-removing cleanser.

How does it work?

Micellar (pronounced my-sell-er) water is a combination of purified or soft water, hydrating agents such as glycerin and very mild surfactants (surface-active-agent that stabilizes mixtures of oil and water by reducing the tension on the skin for effective cleansing) the molecules of which are termed as micelles. These tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules are attracted to dirt and oil and are able to draw out stubborn impurities with a simple swipe of a cotton pad without stripping the skin of its moisture thus making it a powerful yet gentle cleansing alternative to harsh face wipes or alcohol-based toners and astringents. 


The absence of soap, alcohol, or other chemicals from micellar water conveniently leaves the face feeling hydrated with a glowy, dewy finish. Simple and yet so innovative, right?

What are the benefits of using it?

Many face washes have ingredients which not only dehydrate the skin but even leave behind residue which is particularly drying for acne-prone and sensitive skin. And we have micellar water to the rescue! In fact, the beauty of this life-saver of a product is its versatility. One can easily swap it for their toner, thanks to its alcohol-free, no-sting formulation. Your skin will not only feel clean and rejuvenated but also clear, as the cleansing agents in all micellar waters naturally rid skin of sebum and wax-based substances which are the root cause of breakouts. Instead of scrubbing your makeup off your face with a washcloth, using micellar water as a makeup remover will spare you the redness and irritation, and dissolve away long-wear products like a magnet.

Are you over-washing your face?

over-washing-your-faceBesides the twice-a-day washes i.e. in the a.m. and before hitting the sack, we forget that we’re also washing our faces in the shower. And that, ladies, may be a bit excessive. Dry and sensitive skinned women should consider cutting back on the splashes and use micellar water to remove their makeup or even as a quick refreshing spritz since over-washing with tap water can make the skin excessively parched and also disturb the skin’s pH balance.

The French Connection!

Did you know that this magic-in-a-bottle was originally formulated for Parisian women by French pharmacies as a mild and non-irritating alternative to cleansing with the region’s notoriously famous harsh tap water? The micellar water we know today was a revolutionary French beauty secret first created by Bioderma, and has been in vogue for decades in the world’s most revered fashion and beauty capital. Do we need another reason to fall in love with this country’s beauty hacks?


Most importantly...

Using a micellar cleanser between reapplications of sunscreen during summer is a neat trick to avoid clogged pores. Not all women are able to have an elaborate skincare regime (many may even prefer the opposite) and swapping their toner and cleanser with just this one product can significantly reduce their checklist without compromising on healthy skin.

So, if you're ready to pare down your skin-care routine, you’ll definitely want to add this one-step wonder to your makeup stash—stat!


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2.  Avene Miscellar Lotion

3.  Colorbar Xpert Micellar Bi Phase Makeup Remover

4 Malu Wilz Micellar Cleansing Water



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