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Glowing in Minutes!

For decades, Indian women have been righteously involved in pampering themselves and their skin. Be it bathing with saffron, applying a paste of turmeric and honey to calm acne or a nourishing raw milk face pack to de-tan. My mother too always stressed on the importance of exfoliating and masking religiously with gram flour and yogurt. Pampering myself with crushed almonds and honey face pack is also an inherited habit with me.

I am all for natural and home made beauty fixes, however not so much these days. I’m constantly looking for super ingredients in a jar or sheet to charge my skin. The fast paced lives that most of us lead, makes me rarely have mind space or patience to indulge in home remedies.

Thanks to our Korean friends, sheet masks really have come in super handy for me. Their popularity has soared ever since they have entered the market with their K-beauty secrets. I really have been hoarding on them since the past couple of years and put them on as and when my skin feels thirsty. I have tried a myriad of sheet masks formulated with ingredients like Mucin , Yeast, Ginseng, Shea Butter, Caviar and Avocado. My personal favourite has been the Ginseng sheet mask by It’s Skin. The reason I like it so much, is apart from providing the necessary moisture and glow, on taking off the mask I experience a slight pinkish effect on my skin. The kind of flush you experience when you have just taken a face massage and the blood circulation in the facial area is at best.

How & Why it Works?

I believe finding the ingredient that works best for you will make all the difference to your skin. Sheet masks are supercharged with a serum containing active ingredients that penetrate into the dermis. These potent ingredients loaded on the sheet penetrate deeper into the skin, making it extremely effective. The sheet locks the entire product in, thereby preventing any of it from evaporating. This helps to infuse the skin cells with moisture, thereby making it more effective. The fact that the sheet is vacuum sealed and is a one-time use also is something that works for me. I feel it is more hygienic and user-friendly.

My Experience

Sheet masks come to best use before an important event or special occasion. As someone who struggles with excessive sebum over the T-Zone, I refrain from wearing a hydrating foundation or even use a highlighter. However, this tends to emphasize the fine laugh line or eye creases that I have, as soon as I apply makeup. A sheet mask works wonders for me by hydrating my skin which prevents the fine lines from coming through. My face looks and feels more alive.

Watch Out for…

I abstain from using sheet masks when I have an active breakout on my face. Acne does tend to flare up due to the excessive dosage of a hydrating formula. You may want to have a look at your skin type before investing in a sheet mask. It does do wonders to your skin, however using a wrong ingredient can cause more harm than good. Watch out for ingredients that you are allergic to. 

How Long Should I Leave it on for?

The other aspect that I would like to highlight here is the duration of keeping the mask on. Although most masks say you must leave it on for 15-20 minutes, I keep away from being bound by time. Holding it on for a specific number of minutes keeps me going back to check on the time and takes away the joy of this whole “at home facial”. I keep it on and take it off as my sheet dries up completely. I pat in the remaining serum as a finishing step. Applying my mask without having to worry about the time, makes me enjoy the process and feel more at ease and rested while doing so. I think that is really the key to getting the most out of what you do, staying rested while pampering your skin gives your face a relaxed appearance. I certainly feel more rejuvenated and my skin feels plumper.

Be Your Own Beautiful.

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