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          Tips To Long Wear

You are what you smell like.

Your fragrance defines your personality. Wearing a rose-oud may make you feel put together for a presentation instantly, and a citrus perfume lightens up your demeanor for a brunch date. I’m sure we all have that one perfume that makes us smell like we would like to smell; making us want to carry that vibe for as long as can be. Making sure you smell more like you'd like to, is something we’re going to talk you through today.

New Project(2)Pulse points 

These areas of your body are warmer than the rest. Being warmer, they tend to help hold & project the notes better. Applying fragrance on your pulse points is ideal for it to last long and leave a trail.

P.S. – You have eight pulse points on your body where you must apply your perfume. These are the front of your ears, neck, inner bend of your arms, inside of your wrists, sides of your jaw, at the temples, behind the knee and upper part of the foot.

Moisturizing is key

New Project(3)

Apply moisturiser on damp skin before layering your fragrance. This will help in enhancing the longevity of the scent. The warmth of the moisturiser activates the perfume and captures the scent wonderfully.

Pro tip - Using a fragrance-free moisturiser or simple adhesive like petroleum jelly keeps your perfume from mixing with the lotion’s fragrance. 

Most perfumes come with their own lotions or body creams. Using it before perfume application really helps in enhancing the strength of your perfume. So, go ahead and layer like-on-like for you to smell twice as good, for twice as long!

No rubbing

This is perhaps the most common mistake people make while wearing their perfumes. It is best advised to NOT rub your wrists together or rub the perfume onto your skin. This breaks the molecules emitting the fragrance notes. The broken molecules lose their ability to project the fragrance notes, giving it a shorter life once worn.

Do not over apply

Alter your sprays depending on the strength of the fragrance (Perfume, Oils, EDP, EDT, EDC, etc.). Your nasal cavity seems to get accustomed to your fragrance sooner than your surroundings do. So, avoid over spraying in any case. This also forms a part of fragrance etiquette. 

The best carriers

Your hair. Yes, your hair is a great carrier of perfume. Spray the fragrance onto your hair brush and run it through your locks. This will trap the notes beautifully and leave you smelling of your favourite scent all day. This also helps leave behind a trail of your scent wherever you walk past. 


In case you are attending a conference or giving a presentation, where most of the audience is going to be seated, perfuming the back of your knees and upper part of the foot/ankle is ideal. This will make sure the fragrance rises from the bottom for a pleasing olfactory experience.

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