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Everyone is into beauty

even if they say they are not

As former beauty director of some of India’s leading women’s glossies, I always found people telling me that we are not ‘into beauty’. But still, they would promptly dive into questions about how to get rid of dark circles or patchy skin. Men too, would ask me for recommendations. All the questions were fine of course because I love looking for solutions. However, what I didn't understand was why people felt the need to separate themselves from any association with beauty. It was as if a swipe of lipstick or a touch of hair wax could perhaps sully their intellectual credentials. 

We are all seekers...

woman with hot tea and beauty magazine by BaruniiThe weird thing is that deep inside we all want to be beautiful. We’re always looking for that magical cream to get rid of pigmentation, a serum that makes our skin glow or a tonic that will stall hair fall. Primping ourselves to look beautiful is something we all do despite how different we may be in age, sex or background. Of course, beautifying oneself is purely a man-made concept. After all, no other living being tries to style its hair in many different ways. But jokes apart, primping is also the hallmark of civilization. And everyone, to a certain extent, does it.

Your beauty regime is a reflection of you...

 If you wake up in the morning and put on some moisturizer so your face doesn’t feel dry, you are into beauty. If your trademark is the line of kohl in your eyes, then you're a beauty person. If you use a shampoo and conditioner then you make an attempt to have beautiful hair. Also, when you drink 10 glasses of water, in all probability, you do it in the pursuit for beautiful skin. I think the problem is that people tend to generalize and club everything about beauty into a box. It’s assumed that if you love makeup then you must wear several layers of foundation. Or if you are a beauty expert then you must have a nine-step skin routine (I don’t).

Create your own definition of beauty...

woman with nude makeup: blush and bronzer by BaruniiKnowing about beauty, making and attempt to look better, or taking care of how you groom yourself aren’t things to be ashamed of. If anything, it is a sign of self-care and respect. It is a sign of loving yourself and gifting yourself the luxury to look your best. However, the internet is full of tutorials where people baste themselves with four different layers of foundation topped with powder, eye shadows and contouring kits. But that’s just one aspect of beauty - if that makes you happy go for it. But you can also look at the subtler side of beauty: think a pure rose oil that makes your skin come alive, or a touch of iridescent blush that refreshes your face, or just a dab of leathery perfume that brings up the memory of someone you loved. In my opinion that’s beauty, and in this sense, just about everyone is into it.


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