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So your makeup buddy discovered this beautiful eyeshadow trick that worked wonders on her eyes but didn’t look as charming on yours? Just like styling our outfits as per our body types, our eye makeup should be set as per our eye shapes. When done well, eyeshadows add a great depth & dimension to the eyes, making them stand out.

We’ve noted down some easy, quick and everyday wear eyeshadow looks that could be achieved with just a couple of products. However, before diving right in, let’s break down the working areas around the eyes. Refer to the following diagram and figure out your crease line, lash lines, water line, brow bone, outer V and the highlight.

eye shadow diagram

If you are a novice and feel skeptical working with bigger palettes, begin with an eyeshadow quad with the following shades:

Eyeshadow basic shades

1. Lid: A shimmer/matte shade applied between your upper lashline and crease.

2. Crease: A matte shade applied on the crease line. 

3. Transition shade:A matte shade applied above the crease to create a seamless gradient between the crease and the browbone. The same also adds more depth around your crease area.

4. Highlight:A shimmer shade applied beneath the highest arch of your brow to make your browbone pop.

Prime and prepare your canvas by applying an eye cream and a concealer on the lids and under your eyes. This prepares a smooth and even-toned base for some magnetic eyeshadow looks.

Since the degree of a certain characteristic differs on an individual basis, the eye-shadow shapes discussed below are indicative. For example – the roundness or the deepness of your eyes might be slightly different from your friend who identifies with the same eye shape.

For an everyday eyeshadow routine, stick to the some fail-proof, versatile colors that'll work on almost every skin tone & every outfit:

1. Lid & Highlight: Ivory or champagne

2. Crease: Rust, taupe or deep brown

3. Transition shade: A couple of shades darker than your own skin tone


  • Prominent Eyes:

prominent eyes - Mila KunisIf your eyes tend to sit and protrude outside the eye socket, you have prominent eyes. The crease line is easily noticeable, and you have a lot more area to work around. Matte shades are your best friends!

Step 1: Apply a medium to deep matte shade, preferably a brown, rust or a brick red all over the lid. Maintain your canvas until just a little above the crease line. This trick softens and elongates the eyes making them look almost almond-shaped.

Step 2: Define your eyes with a winged liner starting from the center of your upper lashline to further flatter your eye shape.

Step 3: Add a pop of champagne in the inner corner of the eyes and around the browbone region.

Step 4: Finish the look by coating your lashes with your favorite mascara.

  • Hooded Eyes: 

hooded eyes - Priyanka ChopraIf the skin around your brow bone tends to sag over your crease line leaving a minimal or no view of the crease lines, you have hooded eyes.

Step 1: Ensure to apply an eye primer as you wouldn’t want the eye shadow to have a fall out around your lash lines.

Step 2: Using swiping motions, apply rust or brown colored matte eyeshadow (transition shade) above your natural crease line. This way you are contouring a faux crease that is distant from the upper lashline and helps uplift your eyes. Keep smudging the color from the outer V towards inwards.

Step 3: Add a light satin or shimmer eyeshadow starting from your upper lash line towards your natural crease line.

Step 4: If you wish to apply eyeliner, ensure to use the ‘tight-lining’ technique. Tight lining requires you to apply your liner in the upper waterline as opposed to the traditional technique of applying the eyeliner on the skin above the upper lash line. This helps in defining the eyes without looking heavy and gives your lashes a fuller effect.

Step 5: End with a curling mascara.


  • Deep Set Eyes:

deep set eyes - Angelina JolieOften confused with hooded eyes, deep-set eyes tend to set further into the skull with no sagging skin over the crease. The brow bone here is prominent, yet, provides better visibility of the lid and the crease.

Step 1: Your daily eyeshadow routine could be the same as hooded eyes with just a few exceptions. You may contour a fake crease line above the deeply set natural crease line, closer to the brow bone. This will bring out your eyes and the pigment on the lids would be much more visible.

Step 2: Take a bright ivory satin or shimmer eyeshadow and apply it on your lids till the natural crease line. This helps your eyes look bigger and more awake. Avoid using any highlights under your brow bone. This will end up adding to the deepness of your sunken eyes.

Step 3: Last and most important, apply a curling mascara to further make your eyes pop.


  • Monolids:

monolid eyes

If you have monolids, i.e. you don’t have a crease line like Ali Wang or Brenda Song, use your eye socket as a reference for a crease line.

Step 1: The key is to apply deeper shades starting from the upper lashline (lid area) blending towards the eye socket. Use a fluffy brush while blending to avoid any harsh lines.

Step 2: Apply the shimmery champagnes closer to the brow bone for a gradient effect.

Step 3: Apply the same shimmery shade on the inner corners of your eyes to add dimension to your lids.

Step 4: Curl your lashes and apply a volumizing mascara.


  • Down-turned Eyes: 

down-turned eyes - Eva GreenIf the outer corners of your eyes tend to droop downwards or are at the same level as your inner corners of the eyes, you have down-turned eyes. Your eye shadow routine should typically be focused on lifting the outer corners of the eyes to avoid making your eyes look droopy. A soft winged eyeshadow look should be your go-to option. Play up a little and use colors like lavender, rust or expresso to create a soft winged eyeshadow look right above your lash line.

Step 1: Start from the 3/4th area of your upper lash line and move upwards towards the outer corner of your eyes.

Step 2: Apply the same eyeshadow on the ends of your lower lash line connecting with the wing you just made on the outer corners of the lid.

Step 3: Apply the highlighter shade under the brow bone.

Step 4: Apply a lengthening mascara focusing heavily on the upper lashes.


  • Almond Eyes: 

almond eyes - RihannaWith a symmetrical oval shape, almond-shaped eyes are versatile and can sport multiple looks.

Step 1: For a quick everyday eyeshadow look, use a brown eyeshadow or a brown eye pencil and apply it on the upper lash line.

Step 2: Start smudging the eyeshadow upwards toward your crease with a fluffy brush.

Step 3: Using light hands, apply a soft glimmer eyeshadow around the upper crease.

Step 4: Coat your lashes with a volumizing mascara and voila!


  • Upturned Eyes:

Upturned eyes - Kendall JennerUpturned eyes are quite close to the almond-shaped eyes but have a slight asymmetry in the lashlines. The lower lash line angles slightly upwards, making the upper lash line look smaller. To balance them both, the key is to bring your upper lash line in notice.

Step 1: Use a light to medium shimmer shade all over the lid, focusing on the inner corner of the eyes.

Step 2: Moving onto the most important step - use a brown or dark grey matte shade and smudge it on the lower lash line along with the outer V on the upper lash line. This will help in emphasizing the upper lashline and create the symmetry we are looking for.

Step 3: Curl your lashes and finish the look with mascara.

Although we’ve pinned down some common eye shapes, figuring out the exact shape of your eyes might still tricky. This is simply because we all have a combination of the above-mentioned shapes depending on the natural structure of the eye and bulginess from the eye socket. You might have prominent almond-shaped eyes like Rihanna, hooded downturn eyes like Anne Hathaway or upturned deep-set eyes like Angelina Jolie. The key is to experiment, play around and figure out the best technique that is exclusive to your eyes.


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