“ If beauty means owning more cosmetics than I can count, I am not beautiful.

If beauty means owning no cosmetics at all, then I am not beautiful.

 If beauty means embracing myself, with my alleged imperfections,

 I am extremely beautiful.

The psychological payouts of beauty are favorable, in addition to the health benefits that come with it. Why then, is there a stigma attached to it? Why then, are we constantly told our makeup is “too much” or sometimes on the contrary, that we “need more”? Why then, is our curly hair frowned upon but our straight hair judged too? It seems to me as though it’s become impossible to please society. In my opinion, millennial beauty is more progressive - we are learning that pleasing beauty is a subjective concept. It’s solely about accepting and exploring yourself, nothing else. There will be days you apply a purple smokey eye; there will be days a red lip won’t suit you. These are the days you discover what your idea of beauty stands for. I can’t imagine myself living 40 years ago, when ‘beauty’ was so limited, almost everyone looked identical. It’s fascinating to see how millennial beauty acts as a means of diversity.

My Discovery of Beauty

The younger you are, the more naive you are. As someone who’s still growing up, I can already see the difference in my ideologies 3 years ago as compared to now (and I’m only 16). I used to wear my hair down every day, but I have realized it can be easier to maintain when I tie it. I used to put on every makeup item I could possibly smear on my face, but I’ve realized that there’s no ‘rule’ to makeup. The lady with the black leather jacket and conspicuous red lipstick looks like her best, as does the woman with the floral scent and the bright pink dress. I am learning to discover that there is no single template of what really is beautiful.

Why did I start feeling skincare is important

I used to apply face wash once in a blue moon, but I have realized that the occasional use helps prevent my acne. I would always be lazy to grab those 2 minutes for my sunblock before heading into my school bus but I now understand the full impact of the damage sun could do to my skin. My skin care is definitely more evolved today. Maybe it is the exposure to knowledge or simply keeping up with the current trends. My experimentation with beauty has made me feel surer of myself now – like some kind of personal growth that I can be happy about.

That said, the overwhelming availability of beauty information can be confusing to beginners like me. It’s difficult to know whom to trust and whom not to. The need for a ‘safe place’ is often overlooked, and that might just be the key to understanding beauty.

Mom knows it right!

As a working person, my mother kept a busy schedule but she was always there for me. Mom made sure I treated my skin right. While I was busy experimenting with colorful eyeshadows, she was reminding me of the importance of face wash and makeup removers. I was more fascinated by the glamour aspect of beauty but she was more concerned about the safety of it. She never stopped me from indulging, although she kept counseling me about the potential harm if I didn’t treat it right. I did not listen then but now when I see a pimple or two on my face, I realize I should have. 11-year-old me wasn’t so sensible - because what does my mother know about beauty, right? On the face of it, not much. But in the truest sense, she knows everything she ought to.

Yes, indulging in trends never stops, but safe places to experiment with beauty have made me aware and more responsible. I do love a streak of my favorite color on my hair, and a poppy lid with a bright lip once in a while.

I often find myself thinking, is beauty diversity or is diversity beauty? Tough question, I must confess.


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