"Just like your eyes are the window to your soul, your brows are the window’s frame."

They shape your face in a way no other feature can. They add symmetry and structure, thereby creating a facial balance. Brows also minimize the focus on the other imperfections we all have.

Fan-favorite: Soft-edged brow

Your eyebrow shape can make you look happy or angry. It does more than you think. One that is well-rounded with a slight arch at its peak, lends an endearing appeal to the face. It gives the illusion of being happier and more approachable.

Well-groomed bushy eyebrows Well-groomed bushy eyebrows

No, don’t get us wrong. We are all about embracing your natural eyebrow shape. However, tweaking your natural brow line to get a desirable shape can do more than just wonders.

To get the shape that flatters you best, observe your natural brow line, grow them out till they turn bushy for a well-rounded appearance. This will give your eyebrow stylist has enough room to create the ideal shape. Always begin from the lower end to create a clean base. Avoid touching the top for a natural look. You may also sharpen the arch slightly if required. The arch works as a youth-enhancer by giving your face a “lifted” effect. 

Avoid thinning or excessive arching of the eyebrow area. Thinner brows loosen the facial structure and add age to the face. Whereas, a highly angular, arched and sharp eyebrow gives the illusion of a more serious, temperamental person.

Threading, waxing and tweezing are the brow styling options available. Opt for the one that suits you best.

What if you don’t have thick brows naturally?

Well, you can work your way around getting them. Cosmetic enhancements can build this feature of yours, without making it look unreal. Your options are: makeup (temporary) or micro-blading (semi-permanent)

MAKEUP (Temporary Solution)

There’s nothing that makeup can’t fix. We guide you through the process of selecting the right product and following the right technique to master your brow game every day. Read on to find your best bet:

Texture/Product Type: 


PencilBeginner friendly. It’s always best to begin with a pencil, them being easy to work with and not heavily pigmented. They help create short hair-like strokes to fill in gaps without looking OTT.

Shop: Faces Ultime Pro Brow Defining PencilColorbar Stunning Brow Pencil 


PomadePomades are heavier in pigment. They are a good choice for those with very fine eyebrow hair. The heavy-duty pigment makes them suitable to draw your entire brow line. Apt for events, functions or parties.


WaxFor the one with thick unruly brows. You don’t want them to look all over the place, right? A wax does just that, it tames the brow hair and keeps it sealed. Avoid using it during the day, for its heavy-duty setting abilities. It is ideal for a night-time, glamorous makeup look.


Powder - Powders are for everyone. Powders tend to be controllable in application, which allows you flexibility while deciding the thickness. Begin with a light hand by filling in the sparse areas. Build up to create a soft arch. Use only leftovers at the beginning of your brow.

Shop: Colorbar Browful Shaping And Defining Kit L'Oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit


GelThe easiest, most effective eyebrow product. Brow gels come in transparent and tinted versions. They will not necessarily add shape but help with volume and definition. In case you have achieved the desired eyebrow shape after plucking, a simple gel will do just fine for you. You may use a gel in combination with a pencil for the perfect eyebrows.

Tip: Go for a color that is 1-2 shades lighter than your natural hair color. This will ensure a natural look, without looking too stark or defined. This applies to all types of eyebrow products.



Brow gel application technique Brow gel application technique

Step 1: Use short and light hair-like strokes in the direction your eyebrow hair grows naturally. This helps to fill in the sparse areas.

Step 2: Draw a line at the bottom to define the brow shape perfectly. Be very light towards the inside corners.

Step 3: To add the final shape, use small strokes across the upper area of your eyebrow. You can go a little higher than the natural hairline to give the illusion of a thicker brow. Ensure you use a light hand.

Step 4: The arch is the most defining point. Draw the arch out without making it very pointed and connect it to the inner side of the eyebrow using a freehand with a brush or pencil.

Step 5: Brush out using a brow comb to remove any excess pigment. Seal in with a wax or gel if needed.

MICRO-BLADING (Semi-Permanent Solution)

Micro blading Micro blading

What is it?

Don’t let the name freak you out. Micro-blading is a technique to add color to the eyebrows using a tool with multiple needles (just like a tattoo). It helps create fuller eyebrows by drawing fine pigmented lines that mimic the actual hair of the brows. It is a wonderful option for those still clueless about what brow shape suits them the most, or have very fine (close to no) brow hair.


Somewhat similar to getting a permanent tattoo, the process starts by using a numbing cream and then the color pigments are injected. You go for a follow-up session after your appointment to make corrections, if any.

How long does it last?

Micro-blading is a semi-permanent treatment and lasts anywhere from 1-3 years. It is a rage among most celebrities. In case you are someone who has little patience to frame a neat set of brows every day using a makeup product, this fits your bill perfectly.


The after-care too is not too intense. Since it’s eventually a color pigment, not wetting your brow hair for a week to two weeks after the treatment is recommended. It is advised to avoid exercise that leads to excess perspiration (much like the after-care of a tattoo).

The usage of de-pigmenting creams containing Kojic, Glycolic acid is not recommended. Makeup can be worn after the brows have been healed i.e. after 2 weeks.

Deepika Padukone Eyebrows Before vs After


Eyebrow makeup v/s micro-blading

We love a good aesthetic-intervention when natural beauty isn’t doing its best.

For medium to thick brows lacking personality or shape, a couple of makeup products would do the job for you. 

Micro-blading is an option worth experimenting with if you're struggling with hair growth. Unless you’re the junkie who wants to try everything new on the beauty rack. We feel you, we can’t hold ourselves back either.



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