When I graduated from college and started my first job in a country away from home, I had no idea what 'adulting' was going to look like. 

I'd expected the usual, the things that everyone speaks of. The perils of grocery shopping. Dealing with nagging landlords. Ensuring all my bills are paid at the start of each month. The Sundays I'd have to dedicate to household chores and the enervating act of meal prep for the week. 

All of that did follow. But I soon realized that those were the easy parts. Adulting is a lot more than just chores and paying bills. So what more is it?

Learning to say Yes and No as you need to

woman texting and declining plans

When I started out, I was constantly drained from juggling my work as a content manager, side hustle as a writer, and plans to catch up with my friends. I quickly realized that if I wanted to give my complete self to where I was at, I'd have to accept that my time and energy was precious. 

I learnt that our lives are shaped by the things we agree to. Whether they are job opportunities, invites to socialize, or where we spend our earnings, I learnt that we need to know when to say ‘Yes’ to what will serve us and 'No' to what will harm us.

Making time to spend with those you love

best friends spending quality timeIt wasn't just about what I agreed to, though. Creating a fulfilling life was also about what I sought out for myself. 

During my years in college, meeting my friends each day was a given. When I lived at home, my family was always there to return to at the end of the day. But living away from my family and friends meant that I needed to now consciously clear time for the people who mattered to me. 

Making that effort for those we love becomes a deliberate choice as we grow older. We need to look after the people and relations that fill our souls. So It's important to know who matters to us and who we want to make an effort with. 

Adapting to your changing values, worldviews, and beliefs

woman reading about crowd funding

As I grew older, a lot of my opinions and beliefs began to change as well. Based on the experiences I had, I started to develop a new lens to see the world through. This became the cornerstone of big decisions I had to make for myself including where I wanted to live, whom I wanted to vote for, and which causes I wanted to actively support. 

A part of leading an authentic life is to make room for what we learn through our experiences. I realized that being an adult involves making tough decisions, and it's important to know our values and beliefs when we do so. 

Looking after yourself, mentally and physically

woman shopping for fresh vegetables and fruitsI won't lie, cooking a healthy and wholesome meal and getting the movement I need after a long day of work has felt exhausting. But with time, I saw that I would have to create the life I wanted to choose by choice. And I could only do so if my mind and body were well-nourished and tended to. I saw that prioritizing my health and wellness was entirely up to me. 

Honoring this responsibility means eating well, staying hydrated, getting that movement we need, and going for regular doctor's checkups. It also involves making sure that we are well-groomed and feel our best when we show up for our lives. 

Over the years, I've gotten to see that as much as adulting is about the responsibilities of adult life, it's also about growing into someone who can hold space for this life. 

Being an adult is about a lot more than a to-do checklist. It’s about evolution and allowing ourselves to grow into who we are growing into. It's about conscious decisions that help us become our best self and lead our best life. 



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